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Paulownia elongataPaulownia elongata plantation in Alabama

Paulownia Plantations

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We specialize strictly in Paulownia trees: tomentosa, elongata, fortunei, and catalpafolia; helping those who wish to start their own Paulownia plantation by seed or root cuttings. Sometimes know as Royal Empress & Kiri Tree, Foxglove tree, and Dragon Trees, Paulownia trees are not a “get rich, quick” undertaking, but is a very promising farming alternative i.e. Paulownia lumber, Bio-Mass, Carbon Credits.

Paulownia Plantations by Seed

When using high quality mother trees, we have found our Paulownia seed to be a very easy and practical method to obtain healthy, high quality seedlings at a minimal start up cost. (Seed do not carry any pathogens and can be shipped across states and countries.)

Seed germinate easily in 5 to 7 days and can be planted in 8 to 12 weeks after being sown. For beginners, our indoor method minimizes problems. However, germination can be started outdoors as well. *More Information

Paulownia Plantations by Root Cuttings

Cuttings by-pass the need of a greenhouse and can be directly planted into the field. Unlike seed, cuttings are an old cloning method for reproducing the same genetic mother tree. When you have done your research and need a particular paulownia tree, its a proven Chinese method they have use for centuries. *More Information

Paulownia Lumber

Paulownia wood is in a market all of its own. It is a specialty wood with many unique charcuteries. Because of its light weight, water tightness, stable dimensions, it has found markets in water sports, furniture, molding industry, and as a excellent alternative to basla wood. *More Information

Paulownia Consultations

Services are available for those who wish to start plantations properly. *More Information

Our Guarantee

We make no claims or guarantees on our seed, dormant stock, seedlings, lumber, or services other than:

  • All items list are paulownia.
  • Seed germination will be anywhere from 50% to 100%, except hybrids, which will be less. Directions must be followed.
  • All roots are in good health when shipped


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