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PayPal isthe preferred method of payment. An account is not required to make a purchase. All you need is a credit or debit card. Clicking "Add to Cart" will take you to PayPal's site. If PayPal is not possible, other options are available such as Western Union or bank wire. If you prefer to order by mail, click here and print the PDF file.

Shipping cost: Free shipping for seed and root cuttings (under 11 lbs) within continental USA. Shipment fees apply for lumber and must be quoted at the time of ordering.
Unless other arrangements are made, shipment is by the United States Postal Services (

Root lengths from 3 to 16 inches, and of mixed diameter. Roots will need to be cut to length before planting.

A board foot (BF) is 144 cubic inches or 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 inch. Paulownia averages about 2 pounds per BF.

Please e-mail for price quote for root orders past 10 pounds.
Root Cutting Orders
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Seed Orders
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Lumber/Miscellaneous Orders
Elongata roots

Tomentosa Hybrids roots

Shan-tong Hybrids roots

Kawakamii roots

Shandong White (fortunei) roots

Tomentosa Roots OUT OF STOCK
Elongata seed

Kawakamii seed

Tomentosa seed

Shandong White (fortunei)seed

9501 Hybrid seed

Paulownia Wood / Specific Projects

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Phytosanitary certificate (PC)

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If shipment is going outside the USA, a PC is required in most all cases. A PC is not required for noncommercial seed orders to the European Union.
Please email to see if this document is required to enter your country!!!

Consulting Fees

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